Coronavirus & Covid-19 Policies

EFFECTIVE June 26, 2020, rev. Sept. 24, 2020

(Revisions and updates will be posted here.)

All members and visitors on club property are expected to adhere to these guidelines to help prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.

  • The marina and yard are open provided social distancing, sanitizing (e.g., doorknobs, faucets, common surfaces, hoses, etc.,) and masking are strictly observed as per the latest New York State guidelines. Each individual shall carry a suitable mask on his or her person and wear it when it is not possible to maintain a social distance (greater than six feet) from all others.
  • Private contractors are allowed in the yard to work on members’ boats. They must adhere to all rules of social distancing, masking, and sanitizing.
  • Guests will be restricted to two at a time per membership. Guests must adhere to all rules associated with social distancing, masking, and sanitizing. Any guest not adhering to these rules will be required to leave immediately and will not be allowed to re-enter club property unless approved by the Commodore.
  • The clubhouse is reopened for limited use. The kitchen remains closed. No dishes, glasses utensils and cookware shall be used. The bar remains open for purchasing water, soft drinks, beer and wine. Remember that anyone entering the clubhouse must wear a mask whenever not seated at a table in the main room, and must wipe down any and all surfaces that are touched. The main room is open for small gatherings and meals, but see CLUBHOUSE GUIDELINES (below).
  • We are accepting transients. Transient services are limited to docking, water, self-serve pump out, pool restrooms, and electricity; no other facilities or services are available. Transients must adhere to social distancing, masking and sanitizing.
  • The pool is closed after Sept. 27.


  1. Indoor gathering or dining is only allowed for small groups no larger than 6 persons.
  2. Four tables are set up at the required social distancing; no additional tables are to be set up in the clubhouse.
  3. Seating is on a first come, first served basis and no reservations of seating are allowed.
  4. Masks must be worn at all times inside the clubhouse except while seated and eating.
  5. The kitchen and all its equipment, including kitchen sinks, remain closed. Please do not use the bar sinks for general cleanup of dishes, etc; take them home.
  6. No one may be seated at the bar.
  7. For purposes of contact tracing, one person in a group must sign the usage log placed on the podium with date, member name, time of arrival and time of departure.
  8. Tables and chairs must be sanitized after use; sanitizing material is available at the bar.
  9. Minors must be monitored at their table to assure they follow the guidelines.
  10. Please be considerate of others wishing to use the clubhouse and do not monopolize the tables.
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