Shattemuc Yacht & Canoe Club

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The village of Sing Sing changed its name to Ossining in 1901.  The Yacht Club, not wanting to be associated only with the Prison, voted to change its name as well.  They became the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club of Ossining, as some of their members also belonged to the revived Shattemuc Canoe Club.  Later that year Ralph Brandreth, the Yacht Club’s Commodore since 1887, stepped down due to poor health, and sold the clubhouse and property to the re-named Club.

By 1902 the Ossining Yacht Club closed, and many of its members rejoned the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe club. Motorboats now replaced sandbaggers and the clubhouse continued as a center of social activity for the gentlemen of Ossining


Some Ossining Places of Interest.  We give herewith a fine view of the club house of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club down on our river front, a little north of the Upper Dock.

  This is very seasonable just now when the river has shaken off its ice mantel and is becoming a scene of action once more.

  Just now all about the house is a scene of activity, and boats, canoes and sails are being overhauled to see in what condition they may be in after winter’s rest.

  The verandas of the club house are very attractive places in the season and particularly on hot evenings in the “dog days”, when everyone is looking and hunting for a breeze. 


In February, 1889, steps were taken to erect the present club house on the river front, and from then the organization became very flourishing.

  The sailing craft fleet, however, has given way to steam, electric, and other power boats, some thirty being now enrolled in the club, which has a membership of about sixty, the names on the roster including a large number of the prominent men of the village.

  When the name of the village was changed, the club name changed to the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club, as a number of canoeists are among the members.  The present officers of the Club are Commodore, Ralph Brandreth; vice-commodore, Dr. Edward B Sherwood; secretary, Robert T Dennis; treasurer, William M Carpenter; measurer, Roger M Haddock --Democratic Register 3.28.1902


The Yacht Club Entertainment.  The regatta entertainment committee of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club have completed arrangements for the minstrel show and entertainment, to be given under the auspices of the Club in Olive Opera House on Friday evening, April 17th.

  Two of Ossining’s most celebrated and popular minstrel artists – Robert Deming and Frank E Foshay – have volunteered their services to the committee and will prove a strong addition to the cast in the position of bones and tambo.

  By all means, do not miss the treat of seeing these two local celebrities in amateur minstreldom in the Yacht Club show.



The second part, we are informed, will consist of a laughable sketch by a number of popular artists from one of Proctor’s Theatres, New York.

  The reserve seats can be procured at S Olin Washburne’s drug store on and after 7:30 o’clock on the evening of Wednesday, April 8th, when the board will open. --The Democratic Register 3.28.1903

Naptha Launch Getty, built by Julius Peterson 1902.  Kipp Engine built in Ossining.

Yacht Club Notes  --J Morris Vail has bought a brand new naptha launch named “Getty” from Julius Peterson of Tarrytown.  Its length over all is 28 feet, beam 6 feet, 2 inches, and the engine is a Kipp seven-horse power two cycle.  The boat has a torpedo-boat stern and standing top.  The new arrival looks as though it would be a smart one and will be a fine addition to the fleet.

--The regular monthly meeting of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club was held last Friday evening at the club house.  The committee in charge of the entertainment to be given under the auspices of the Club at Olive Opera House, on Friday evening April 17th, made a gratifying report.  The Constitution and By-Laws, as adopted by the Club at the March meeting, will come up for final approval, as provided for in the Constitution. -- The Democratic Register 4.04.1903


To Sell Yacht Club House.  Mrs. Ralph Brandreth has been authorized to sell the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club house, which belongs to her husband, on the finding of the referee, Counselor Benjamin Fagan, who was appointed by the Supreme Court to file a report on same.  It was merely a matter of form, so the members can purchase and acquire proper title to their handsome club house.-- The Democratic Register 7.18.1903


Our Yachtsmen Celebrate.  The members of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club successfully planned and carried out a very pleasant programme for their amusement on the afternoon and evening of Labor Day, whic h was thoroughly enjoyed by themselves and friends.

 In the afternoon a short cruise was taken by a few of the motor boats down the river, below Nyack, and on their return a stop was made at Bardine’s St. George Hotel, and a fine dinner was enjoyed.

 Returning to the club-house, which had been tastefully decorated with flags, pennants, etc., and about eight o’clock, they were met by a large assemblage of members and friends who were present to see the fireworks and take in the entertainment.

 The fireworks were very pretty, the night being dark enough to show them off to the best advantage.

  The entertainment which followed was furnished by a trio of talented young Ossining people – the Misses Adelaide and Laura Willi, and Joseph F Willi, Jr – a professional New York monologist, and E B Randolph, a fine singer.

  The monologist gave some good impersonations and recitation; the Misses Willi and brother gave some delightful instrumental music on piano, violin, and cornet; Mr. Randolph, a well know White Plains tenor, delighted every one with several solos.

Some excellent refreshments were also served during the evening and the affair was continued until eleven o’clock.  It was a very pleasant social event, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

The First Motor Boat Regatta.  The first race for motor boats ever held in these waters took place over a four-mile course laid out in front of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club, on Saturday afternoon last, and was most successful.

  There were ten boats taking part, and they were divided into three classes, called C, D and E.  The boats in the first class carried a red flag and went around the course four times, sixteen miles in all.  The second class carried white flags and went around three times, twelve miles.  The third class carried blue flags and went around twice, or eight miles.

  The starting gun was fired at 2.50 for the E class, D and C followed at five-minute intervals.  The start was a one-gun affair, the gun being taken as the time of start.

  The boats were measured, and the time allowances made up, according to the rules of the American Power Boat Association, by Measurer Roger M Haddock.

  To William M Carpenter, the efficient and hustling chairman of the Regatta Committee, much of the credit of the successful handing of the affair is due, as most of the detail work fell upon him.  The results were as follows:

Class C – Red Flag






James Bedell




Fred G Mead




E B Sherwood



Class D – White Flag


Morris Vail




H M Carpenter



Class E – Blue Flag


WM Carpenter








L A Soule




J H Carpenter




A B Murray




The winners were congratulated on their return to the club house, and the losers were just as enthusiastic over the result as the former were.  They say there will be a different story next time.

Excellent refreshments were served to the guests during the afternoon, and the affair took on the aspect of a very pleasing social event. --The Democratic Register 6.11.04

Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club’s Successful Cruise.  For the first time since its organization as the Sing Sing Boat Club, on October 20th, 1887, the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club Saturday and Sunday last participated in a formal cruise.  The event was the happy conceit of Harry M Carpenter, chairman of the regatta committee, who had able aides in the persons of his fellow-committeemen – Messrs. Louis H Soule and George F Hoag – in carrying out the project.

 The cruisers made a voyage to Poughkeepsie and return, the original idea of running to Kingston having had to be abandoned on account of the tempestuous weather encountered at Fishkill, where the party made the ascent of Mount Beacon.  Indeed, the cruisers had a conglomeration of weather conditions, not the least of which was the torrid heat.  Such trifles, however, did not militate against the enjoyment of the cruise, and, save for a little sunburn, the voyagers have nothing but the pleasantest memories.

 Fleet Captain J Herbert Carpenter was in command of the squadron, the flagship being his comfortable houseboat “Whileaway”.  The other boats of the fleet were the “Peggy”,; owned by Measurer George F Secor; “Rover”, House Committeeman James Bedell owner; and the “Passim”, the natty twenty-eight foot power launches owned by supervisor John J Sinnott of Mount Pleasant who tendered its use to Supervisor Robert T Dennis.  The “Passim” is the crack boat of the Tarrytown Yacht Club, and “Ted” Sherwood and Frank E Foshay took



great pleasure in trying it out in a manner that redounded to the credit of the craft.

Full naval regulations were observed during the cruise, all of the signals being given from the flagship.  This gave a decidedly yachty flavor to the occasion, and as the boats maneuvered in formation, they presented a very pretty picture as they rollicked along with colors gaily flying.--The Democratic Register 7.15.1905

The Sentinel


Motor Boat Race and Cruise.  The Regatta Committee of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club have arranged for a motor boat race and cruise the later part of next week, commencing Memorial Day – Thursday – and ending on Sunday, June 2d. 

The course will be from the local club house to the Newburgh Yacht Club.

  The first day’s run up the river will be a race, with prizes to winners in each class.  Time allowances and further information will be given out as soon as the entries are all filed and the classes made up.  The committee earnestly desires that all of the motor boat owners, of whom there are a large number, will participate, as a most enjoyable time is assured.  All of the club members, not boat owners, are also invited, and will be assigned to places in the different cruisers, and at the hotels, if accommodations on the boats are lacking.

 These events of this popular yacht club are always looked forward to with great anticipations by the members, and this spring’s cruise bids fair to excel in enjoyment and fun all previous ones.

Shattemuc Yacht Club Breezes.  The House Committee – Messrs. Philip H Fleck, J Curry Barlow, I T Washburne, Frank E Foshay and Harry M Carpenter – have announced that, commencing last Saturday, the Grill Room is open for the serving of meals a la cart every day between the hours of noon and 2 PM and from 5 to 8 PM.  At other hours by arrangement with the steward.

 The menu prepared is a splendid one and consists of stakes and chops, chaffing dish concoctions, salads, soups, fish, vegetable, cold meats, eggs, sandwiches, relished, dessert, coffee, tea, soft drinks, cigars, and cigarettes.

-The regular monthly meeting was held last (Friday) night and considerable routine business was transacted.

- The cruise and the heavy rains of Memorial Day made the clubhouse a rather lonesome place for a holiday. --6.06.1908

Cruise of the Shattemucs.  The power boats “Peggy” and "Vive” owned by George F Secor and I T Washburne, respectively, arrived home Tuesday morning, bearing fifteen of the jolly tars of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club, who had been absent on an up-river cruise since the Saturday preceding Memorial Day.

 They were rapturous over the success of the trip and say it was one of their most enjoyable experiences as members of the Shattemuc Club.

Memorial Day, anchors were weighted at eight o’clock, and after an uninterrupted trip, Catskill was reached early in the evening.  Dinner was served and after a good night's sleep the party started driving early the following morning through the mountains.  After a ride up the incline, carriages were again impressed into

use and a most interesting ride brought them to picturesque Haines’ Falls.  The bracing air put all hands in fine trim for the dinner, which was awaiting them.  The return trip to Catskill was made by easy stages.

The prows of the boats were pointed home Monday morning and a stop was made at Kingston.

 A thrilling incident of the cruise, which may merit a national decoration, was the heroic rescues of a ship-wrecked yachting party.  The high power motor in a large boat, containing two ladies and two gentlemen, had broken down, and the craft was drifting at the mercy of wind and waves off Germantown, where the doughty mariners on board the  “Peggy” caught sight of it.  No time was lost in going to the rescue, and the disabled boat was towed into Catskill.

The owner of the boat, who is the general manager of the Fairbanks Scale Company, at Albany, was most fervent in his expression of gratitude to his rescuers, and his companions were no less effusive in their thanks. --6.06.1908

Yachtsmen Meet and Dine.  The regular monthly meeting of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club was held at the clubhouse Friday night of last week and Commodore James Bedell presided.

 The Robin Cup for the season of 1910 was placed on exhibition.  This is donated each year by William M Carpenter, now of England, the Club’s former popular treasurer, for a series of races.

 The Club decided to build a one-design boat to compete in the race for boats of this character, which is to be held in connection with the annual regatta of the Hudson River Yacht


Racing Association, which takes place at this village on Labor Day.  Several members have contributed to the building fund and the rest of the money will be furnished from the Club treasury.  --Democratic Register 6.11.1910

 Yacht Club News Notes.  The House Committee of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club – Messrs Philip H Fleck, Frank E Foshay, John P Faure, Ralph K Cotton, and Robert M Akin, chairman, have this week issued the following notice:

  “The Grill Room will be open for members on July 1st.  Meals will be served from noon to seven PM.  Any special orders, not on the bill-of-fare will be served after giving reasonable length of time for procuring the same.

 “Gasoline for boats can be procured the same as usual, from the regular tank, also the Club has installed a special tank for the use of automobiles.  Price 14 cents per gallon.

 “On account of the large number of accounts, the Club has decided to issue coupon books which are to be used in the Grill Room and the purchase of gasoline.  Cash will not be accepted.  Coupon books can be procured from H M Carpenter, treasurer; R M Akin, House Committee chairman; Peter Clausen, janitor.” --6.10.1910

Trying to Revive Sailboating.  The new one-design boat of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club, constructed at Tarrytown, was received by the local club last Saturday and in the trials already held she promises to give a fine account of herself in the one-design class competition, which will be an event of the Labor Day regatta of the Hudson River Yacht Racing Association, at this village, and in which President Harry M Carpenter offers a magnificent cup to the winner.

 The new boat, which has been christened “Shattemuc”, is sloop rigged and is twenty-one feet over all, with a length of fifteen feet on the water line.

A crew has not been selected and it is practically impossible to get an experienced one from the younger members of the club as none of them have any knowledge of the handling of sailing craft, the catboat and the sloop having given away to the motorboat during the past twenty years.  Isaac T Washburne, who was a very skilled amateur sailor in his boyhood days, has handled the boat and he is simply delighted with the behavior of the new craft. --Democratic Register 8.20.1910

“Shattemuc” Wins Yacht Race.  The Shattemuc, the one-design yacht owned by the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club, sailed in admirable style by Isaac T Washburne and Gabriel R Mead, showed her heels to the Rival and Tappan over a five and one-half mile course at the regatta of the Tappan Zee Yacht Club at Nyack last Saturday.

 The victory was especially gratifying to the crew and club members, through the fact that the same boats defeated the Shattemuc on previous occasions.  The local boat finished three and one-half minutes ahead of the Rival and four minutes ahead of the Tappan. --Democratic Register 8.05.1911

One Design Yachts Are Popular.  An interesting feature of the present season at the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club will be the series of races in the Indian one-design class, which will begin this (Saturday) afternoon.  These little sailing craft are but twenty feet long and those already finished and being tried out are owned by Thomas Carpenter, J Herbert Carpenter Jr. and George Beisheim.  They have been built by Thorpe Brothers at Nyack and the four still to be delivered are owned by Durbin and

William Wood, George Bruce, Edward Erickson and Raymond C Peck. --Democratic Register 6.21.1913

Shattemuc’s Big Entertainment. The big entertainment of the Shattemuc Yacht & Canoe Club will take place tomorrow night at the Parthenon Theatre and will present to an Ossining audience an array of talent of unusual size and quality.

 The vaudeville which will be furnished by the Marcus Loew-Sullivan & Considine circuit will consist of the Two Delks, singers and dancers.  The second part will be furnished by local amateurs assisted by volunteer talent from elsewhere.  The entertainment will conclude with motion pictures.  There will be no reserved seats and the tickets are selling for $1 each. --Ossining Daily Citizen 01.15.1914

Shattemuc’s Open Fall Regatta.  The Fall Open Regatta of the Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club will be held over the club course, this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock.  All members of the H.R.Y.R.A. have been invited to take part, and it is expected that the event will be one of the biggest yet.  A cup will be awarded as first prize in each event.  The program is as follows:

    Sail Boats

1. Class E, 5 miles
2. Indian Class, 5 miles
3. Class Z (1908) 5 miles
4. Class Z (1910), 5 miles

Power Boats

5. Cabin Cruisers (Classes A and B), 10     miles
6. Standing Roof and Open Boats.  Class     B, (Rating under 40), 10 miles.
7. Open Boats, Class D, (Rating 40 and     over), 10 miles.
8 Hudson Dingies, 5 miles

--Ossining Daily Citizen 9.19.1914