Dues and Fees, 2021

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2021 Privileges and costs vs. Membership Levels at a glance

 Annual Membership Level
(under 21)
Social Activities
Beach Use
Clubhouse Use
Dinghy/Kayak Summer
Rack Storage
Pool Use
Dry sailing (extra fee)
Mooring use (extra fee)
Slip use (extra fee)
Annual Base Estimate$500$1,084*$1,334*$2,210*$2,520*$2,940*

* includes monthly building fund and property improvement fund payments estimated for the year (see below). Slip, mooring, storage charges, and taxes are extra.

Initiation Fees (One time fee upon first joining; this amount is included in the above schedule of Application fees. If reclassifying up, pay the difference between the indicated amount and any initiation fees previously paid.)

Regular $1,000
Intermediate $350
Associate $350

Annual Dues Detail (First year dues are discounted after August 1st.)

Regular $1980 + $40/mo. building fund + $40/mo. prop. impr. fund
Intermediate $1800 + $40/mo. building fund + $20/mo. prop. impr. fund
Associate $1490 + $40/mo. building fund + $20/mo. prop. impr. fund
…Paddle boat surcharge (opt.)
$700 + $32/mo. building fund
…$250 (includes summer storage fee)
Junior $500
Non-resident $180

Marina Fees

Summer Season 5/1-10/31 Slips $65/ft
Electric hookup: Each 30 Amp wire to boat $300
Electric hookup (light): No AC or refrigeration; each wire to boat $150
Personal watercraft (PWC) on floating slip $880
Mooring $35/ft
Dry sailed boat, on shore $12/ft
  –on floating dock $16.50/ft
Travelift, per use $7.50/ft
Travelift, short term haul & launch $55
Summer Storage (Land) 5/1-10/31 Yacht on shore $40/ft
Boat or PWC on road trailer $40/ft
Dinghy or kayak (first free for Regular and Intermediate members) $60
Trailer or cradle (w/o boat) $180
Winter Storage 11/1-04/30 Yacht (incl. Travelift haul & launch) $40/ft
Dry sailed boat $6/ft
Dinghy, kayak, paddlecraft $60
Visiting Yachts (per day)
Slip $2.75/ft
Elec. Hookup – 30A, dual 30A $15, $30
Elec. Hookup – 50A, 240V $25
Mooring $25
Special Winter Membership Includes yacht haul, power wash, storage, and launch $40/ft

Swimming Pool Fees

Guest (each) accompanied by Regular, Intermediate or Associate member $10 each
(First guest of single member free).
Swimming Lessons  By arrangement

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