Dues and Fees, 2021

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2021 Privileges and costs vs. Membership Levels at a glance

 Annual Membership Level
(under 21)
Social Activities
Beach Use
Clubhouse Use
Dinghy/Kayak Summer
Rack Storage
Pool Use
Dry sailing (extra fee)
Mooring use (extra fee)
Slip use (extra fee)
Annual Base Estimate$500$1,084*$1,334*$2,210*$2,520*$2,940*

* includes monthly building fund and property improvement fund payments  estimated for the year (see below).

Initiation Fees (One time non-refundable fee upon first joining or net difference on first reclassifying up)

Regular $1,000 (with application)
Intermediate $350 (with application)
Associate $350 (with application)

Annual Dues Detail (First year dues are discounted after August 1st.)

Regular $1980 + $40/mo. building fund + $40/mo. prop. impr. fund
Intermediate $1800 + $40/mo. building fund + $20/mo. prop. impr. fund
Associate $1490 + $40/mo. building fund + $20/mo. prop. impr. fund
…Paddle boat surcharge (opt.)
$700 + $32/mo. building fund
…$250 (includes summer storage fee)
Junior $500
Non-resident $180

Marina Fees

Summer Season 5/1-10/31 Slips $65/ft
Electric hookup: Each 30 Amp wire to boat $300
Electric hookup (light): No AC or refrigeration; each wire to boat $150
Personal watercraft (PWC) on floating slip $880
Mooring $35/ft
Dry sailed boat, on shore $12/ft
  –on floating dock $16.50/ft
Travelift, per use $7.50/ft
Travelift, short term haul & launch $55
Summer Storage (Land) 5/1-10/31 Yacht on shore $40/ft
Boat or PWC on road trailer $40/ft
Dinghy or kayak (first free for Regular and Intermediate members) $60
Trailer or cradle (w/o boat) $180
Winter Storage 11/1-04/30 Yacht (incl. Travelift haul & launch) $40/ft
Dry sailed boat $6/ft
Dinghy, kayak, paddlecraft $60
Visiting Yachts (per day)
Slip $2.75/ft
Elec. Hookup – 30A, dual 30A $15, $30
Elec. Hookup – 50A, 240V $25
Mooring $25
Special Winter Membership Includes yacht haul, power wash, storage, and launch $40/ft

Swimming Pool Fees

Guest (each) accompanied by Regular, Intermediate or Associate member $10 each
(First guest of single member free).
Swimming Lessons  By arrangement

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